57% of CMOs expected 2020 to be the year that they started to bring more media functions in-house.

Whether the global pandemic will accelerate efforts or slow things down is yet to be seen however it is almost certainly something that brands will be considering in 2021 as they look to get better control over their data and drive more relevant and personalized customer experiences.

Both models have advantages, and determining the right fit has a lot to do with timing. Our diverse panel of advertisers and agencies will debate the pros, cons, and considerations. 

To Insource or Outsource — That is the Question 

October 23rd 2020

Leonardo Oliveira 
Senior Global Brand & Media Manager

Obele Brown-West 
Executive Vice President for Media, Tinuiti

Kris McDermott
Director of Shopper Marketing, Kimberly-Clark

Frank Kochenash
President - Commerce NA , Wunderman Thompson