Making sense of data once required a specialized set of skills —  something that took years of study to build proficiency.

But with the goldmine of data available to marketers today, CMOs are waking up to the fact that relegating all data knowledge to just a handful of specialists is problematic.

The solution to the marketing data science gap isn’t more headcount. It’s changing the way you think about role boundaries. As you will learn in this session, the most successful marketing teams are those that are spearheading data democratization, expecting and enabling the entire team to access and act upon deeper insights quickly. The best part? No degree required. 

Do I Have to Become a Data Scientist 
to Survive in Marketing?

October 23rd 2020

Garrett Moll
Senior Manager - Marketing Attribution Analytics, IHG

Dennis Neelam
Analytics and Customer Insight Manager, Replacements

Paul Baumgarthuber
Chief Marketing Officer,