Our new era of relentless change is a time to rethink our mindset. Most of us are employed on the basis of our expertise and knowledge, but when what we know cannot keep up with a constantly shifting status quo, how do we strategize and grow?

Adventurous Thinking is an innovation strategy designed by award-winning inventor and entrepreneur Sally Dominguez to provoke curiosity and imaginative thinking.  Taught at Stanford and Singularity Universities and used at NASA and in organizations around the world, Adventurous Thinking pushes your thinking outside expertise, into the realm of bearable discomfort. In order to find opportunity in chaos we must completely revalue curiosity as an essential part of business thinking in 2020 and beyond. As Einstein famously noted: “I have no special talents. 
I am only passionately curious”.

Curiosity Finds Opportunity in Chaos

October 23rd 2020

Sally Dominguez
Innovator and Mindset Strategist