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Friday, October 23rd 2020

Curiosity has the power to help marketers challenge the status quo and make game-changing discoveries. When it comes to making data-driven decisions, curiosity pushes us to get to the why behind the whats, towards better outcomes and visionary innovation.

That’s why Kenshoo is dedicating a whole day to the theme in our first fully-virtual summit. CURIOUS will help you embrace your inner, question-asking child in an immersive digital experience as we open your minds to new perspectives on some of the hottest topics in digital marketing right now.


Killer Content 
20+ hours of engaging sessions to choose from with a 
build-your-own-agenda format.

Global Audience
We will be streaming live across multiple time zones so nobody 
misses out.

Kids are always asking why and they’re rarely satisfied with the proverbial response of ‘because I said so!’ Curiosity is an innate human trait — something that comes naturally at an early age but fades overtime.

For marketers, being curious is a job requirement. Yet with the field dominated by technology and artificial intelligence, more focus goes to the what than the why. Think about it: We know what the data is showing us, but do we really know why? Should we even care? When information is broken and context obscured, the answer is a resounding yes.

The future of brand growth depends on making intelligent decisions based on full-view data. It starts with asking the right questions with an open mind and that requires childlike curiosity.



Sally Dominguez
Innovator and Mindset Strategist

Tricia Wang
Tech Ethnographer and Sociologist

No matter where you are in the world, you won’t miss out! Each session will be streamed live three times throughout the day so stay tuned to find out what time your favorites will be shown.




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Renowned Speakers 
A stellar lineup of presenters that includes advertisers, publishers...and even a magician.

Networking Breaks
It’s not all work and no play —  join in with some of the fun activities we have planned during the day.

Dr. Matt Pritchard
Professional Magician and Associate of the Inner Magic Circle

Join one of our deep-dive sessions where we will be deep-diving into some of the hottest topics on the minds of marketers. Please note that these sessions require a seperate registration.

Masterclass Title Timing
Join one of our deep-dive sessions where we will be deep-diving into some of the hottest topics on the minds of marketers. Please note that these sessions require a seperate registration.



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Do I Have to Become a Data Scientist to Survive in Marketing?

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Anne-Marie Imafidon 
Co-founder, CEO, and 'Head Stemette', Stemettes 

Marcus Collins
Former Head of Digital Strategy for Beyoncé

Obele Brown-West 
Executive Vice President - Head of Media, Tinuiti 

Molly Schweickert
VP of Marketing,
Black Rifle Coffee

Chris Costello
Senior Director of Marketing Research, Kenshoo

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To Insource or Outsource That is the Question 

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Can Marketing Measurement Survive in a Cookieless World?

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Sparking Wonder: Reigniting the Joy of Discovery 





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Are Retailers Becoming the Next Media Moguls? 

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Has Audience Data Had Its Day?

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New Doors In the Walled Gardens? 

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Crissi Cupak
Senior Director of Product, Kenshoo

John Dobrowolski
General Manager, Social,

Nich Weinheimer 
General Manager, E-commerce, Kenshoo 

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Curiosity Finds Opportunity 
in Chaos


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The Human Insights Missing From Big Data

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Still Mistaking Information 
for Intimacy? 

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It Pays to be Positive 

Leonardo Oliveira 
Senior Global Brand & Media Manager, Vodafone 

Elizabeth Mansfield  
Senior Lead for Global Business Marketing, Pinterest 

Julie Jeancolas 
Global Head of Products - Media, Dunnhumby 

Nizan Teeni 
Head of Performance, 

Garrett Moll 
Senior Manager - Marketing Attribution Analytics, IHG

Alexis Josephs
VP of Sales, Partnerships and Ad Operations, Walmart Media Group

Kate DuBois
General Manager, Search & Agency Partnerships, Kenshoo 

Moti Radomski
VP of Product, 

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The Power of One Insight 

Seth Dallaire 
Chief Revenue Officer,

Dennis Neelam 
Analytics and Customer Insight Manager, Replacements

Kris McDermott
Director of Shopper Marketing, Kimberly-Clark

Steve Katelman
EVP Global Strategic Partnerships, Omnicom