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“Having the ability to map one-to-one conversion types and pass app performance data back to Kenshoo allowed us to help our client move into app promotion with confidence. Search has proven to be the most efficient marketing channel by continually delivering high quality leads and, as such, our client has continued to increase its monthly user acquisition budget to the channel.”

Chris Chang, Director, Client Services

“I would recommend Kenshoo Apps because it allows us to open a lot more campaigns, its bidding system is amazing and it has a very strong team.The reason I use Kenshoo Apps is basically because we wanted to scale things up on Facebook. We wanted to open a lot more campaigns and Kenshoo Apps just allowed it. Its bidding system is also very good and we don’t need to optimize things ourselves anymore. Kenshoo Apps just does everything.”

Roy Lieb, Tech Media Buying Director

“Our clients rely on Gruen to manage many different advertising channels. We are excited to see CityGrid available through Kenshoo so we can improve efficiencies, performance and reporting for our campaigns.”

Amy Buelow, Senior Account Manager

“At Maxus we strive to continually improve the way we connect brands with consumers. A crucial piece of this puzzle is Kenshoo, whose technology enables us to us engage with the right audience at the right time through their powerful bidding algorithms, intelligent automation and advanced campaign management tools.”

Matt Nunney, National Search Director, Australia

“We are a social company. All our applications are social and Facebook is one of our main sources where Kenshoo Apps really helped us grow. Kenshoo Apps just makes my life easier. I can upload multiple campaigns together; optimize a campaign the best way possible; and see all the details I want to see on Kenshoo Apps.”

Diego Alaluf, Online Marketing Manager

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