No matter how many times we say it, it never ceases to change: the digital marketing industry is ever-evolving. Publishers, platforms, and partners are always updating their offerings to stay ahead of the curve and incorporate more innovative ad types, techniques, and technologies.

Here at Kenshoo, we are no exception. Our track record of innovation and industry-leading solutions have garnered significant recognition. To that end, we’re constantly evolving what we do to better equip our clients to succeed. Our agility has allowed us to quickly react to industry changes and expand our support for a multitude of recent industry changes and updates, a few of which I’d like to dive into a bit deeper.

Changes to the Right Hand Rail

Earlier this year, Google announced that it was making a major change to the search engine results page (SERP). Because this change affects so many advertisers and Google partners, there was much skepticism and concern among the industry. Advertisers were unsure as to how this change would affect their overall paid search cost and performance.

As an industry thought leader, we monitored this change closely and found that this change did not affect costs much at all, putting many clients at ease. Having the ability to assess the impact of this change across all clients allowed us to come to an informed conclusion and effectively guide our clients on how to move forward.  

Introduction of New Social Ad Types: Lead Ads, DPA, Carousel Ads

Social advertising isn’t as mature as search, and with that, more frequent changes and updates develop in this channel. The first half of this year was definitely no exception. Facebook released new ad types such as Lead Ads, Dynamic Product Ads, and Carousel Ads. Each of these new formats allow advertisers to more effectively display their brand messages and reach specific company goals. We at Kenshoo also see the value in these new ad types and can provide an additional layer of optimization on top of them to bolster performance even more while precisely targeting key audiences.

Expanded Offering of Bing Shopping Campaigns

Following suit from Google, Bing recently announced its rollout of Bing Shopping Campaigns, their support for product-based ads in search. Google Shopping Campaigns have driven astounding performance for advertisers – retailers in particular – and given the nature of the ad type, they would be successful on Bing as well given their growing market share. Kenshoo clients were eager to use our support for these campaigns, noting the ease of expansion into Bing Shopping and sophisticated bidding drove impressive performance.

Our technology and our people allow us to accurately assess the impact of industry updates and pivot our offering accordingly to be sure that our clients are achieving the best performance possible. In our own paid media efforts, we incorporate these new ad types and offerings when applicable and have the industry experts at hand to help guide us.

Being at the forefront of industry change can be difficult at times, but having Kenshoo’s technology to support your efforts and assist during industry changes gives you an edge on others and makes for a seamless transition.