Kenshoo has a unique and rich heritage of being first-to-market in key areas of digital marketing technology. Our laser-focus on the next big thing will keep you on the cutting edge.


Intent-Driven Audiences™

The first digital marketing platform to match consumer search activity to Facebook user profiles, improving ROI by up to 110%.

Kenshoo Anywhere™

The first digital marketing platform to release a mobile application with custom dashboards for monitoring 100’s of millions of search and local ads.


Kenshoo Halogen Technology™

The first patent-pending search marketing platform to offer scenario planning tools with accurate predictions and actionable outputs, delivering a 53% increase in revenue.

Demand-Driven Campaigns™

The first social marketing platform to integrate with inventory systems and Product Listing Ads to automatically promote the most relevant products on Facebook, reducing cost per acquisition by 45%.

Place Page Syndication

The first search marketing platform to provide capabilities for companies to build, manage, and distribute individual place pages across 100′s of local networks.

Kenshoo SmartPath™

The first patent-pending digital marketing platform to apply cross-channel dynamic attribution to search and social bid optimization, creating unique value allocation models and increasing revenue by 28 percent.


Product Listing Ads Management

The first search marketing platform to enable management of Product Ads and Product Targets, with custom PLA bid algorithms boosting ROI more than 85 percent.

Social Media Attribution

The first social marketing platform to illuminate the interplay between paid and owned media for holistic attribution, leading to 34x revenue lifts from Facebook page posts amplified with ads.

Kenshoo Portfolio Optimizer™

The first search marketing platform, including unique patented technology, to accurately forecast the impact of each bid change on a search marketer’s entire keyword portfolio and bid to marginal ROI, acheiving over 80 percent increases in profit.


SEM/SEO Integration

The first search marketing platform to bring organic search metrics into the grid at the keyword level, leading to insights such as 42% net revenue share for paid search when organic is in top position.

Kenshoo Editor

The first and only cross-channel desktop editor on the market, enabling bulk campaign management in a “copy and paste” environment and reducing time spent on complex tasks to 15 minutes or less.


Call Conversion Optimization™

The first search marketing platform to algorithmically optimize bids based on quantity and quality of phone calls as well as clicks, driving increases over 70 percent in lead volume.

Kenshoo Social™

The first social marketing platform with native API solutions for Facebook, Google, and Bing Ads, improving click-through rate by 186% over 12 months.


Kenshoo Local™

The first enterprise-class, local search platform enabling effective management across high volumes of individual campaigns to specific goals, decreasing account setup time by as much as 40 percent.

RealTime Campaigns™

The first and patent-pending search marketing platform to integrate ad campaigns with product inventory feeds, automatically updating pricing and promotions in ads en masse, for revenue increases of over 200 percent.


Kenshoo Search™

The first search marketing platform to provide holistic quality management as opposed to just bid management, resulting in 187% increases in conversions over 3 years.