“Kenshoo’s ML-driven optimization tools helped us drive significant sales & ROAS growth”
- Kevin Packler, VP of Amazon Services, Tombras

44 %
Masterbuilt YoY Sales Growth
24 %
Masterbuilt YoY ROAS Growth
1390 %
Kamado Joe YoY Sales Growth


Masterbuilt and their sister brand, Kamado Joe, sought meaningful revenue growth.  They looked for new opportunities to reach customers beyond their traditional retail channels – The Home Depot, Walmart, and Lowe’s.

To achieve their goals, Masterbuilt and Kamado Joe chose to double down on Amazon Advertising.  Their agency, Tombras, partnered with Kenshoo Ecommerce to develop and execute a winning strategy.


The Tombras team implemented a tightly refined campaign structure focused on the strengths of the Masterbuilt and Kamado Joe catalogs.  They chose Kenshoo as a key partner to help them maximize efficiency, drive informed decision-making, and optimize bids towards business goals.

Kenshoo’s comprehensive reporting and analytics suite provided deep visibility into program performance, allowing them to derive insights and spot opportunities to refine strategy.  In addition, the team leveraged Kenshoo Portfolio Optimization (KPO) to automatically optimize bids across multiple campaigns towards True North KPIs. KPO automatically made hundreds of bid adjustments per day during one of the busiest times of year.


Masterbuilt and Kamado Joe hit new performance records with Tombras and Kenshoo.  Sales and ROAS for Masterbuilt grew by 44% and 24%, respectively. Kamado Joe’s sales skyrocketed by 1390%.

About Tombras

Tombras is a 350+ employee, full-service independent agency with a digital mindset.  They blur the lines between a creative agency, a digital agency and a management consultancy.  Their digital offering is married to the discipline and rigor of their EFFIE-winning strategists, US Search Award winning digital marketers, and Cannes Lion-winning creative directors.  They are united by their philosophy: connecting data and creativity for business results.

Learn more at www.tombras.com

About Masterbuilt

Masterbuilt is a company with a long and illustrious history in the outdoor cooking space.  They’re the leading brand in the Vertical Smoker segment and have brought to market a wide range of innovative grills and smokers.  This includes the Gravity Series Grill, which combines traditional charcoal grilling with cutting edge technology. Masterbuilt’s Kamado Joe sister company has revolutionized kamado style ceramic cookers and now stands as the Consumer Reports leader in features and benefits.

Learn more at www.masterbuilt.com and www.kamadojoe.com