Kenshoo data from Q1 2014 revealed that mobile paid search is continuing to capture more advertising spend and account for a higher share of clicks. This should not come as a surprise to marketers as the penetration of mobile devices – smartphone and tablets – among consumers is driving increased investment across devices.

As revealed in Kenshoo’s report, Advertiser Perceptions of the Three-Screen World, 99% of marketers agree that the interplay of paid search across devices carries at least some impact on consumer conversion activity.

mobile chart - cross device impact

So, marketers recognize the importance of multi-device paid search strategies but do they really understand where the opportunities lie in mobile? And more importantly, are advertisers poised to capitalize on the momentum of the mobile shift?

To help answer these key questions, Kenshoo conducted a survey and gathered responses from more than 350 global marketers, which are now published in our latest report Advertiser Perceptions of the Three-Screen World.

To me, the biggest takeaway was this: Yes, marketers know they need to deliver a tailored mobile experience to reach today’s discerning and well-connected consumer, but many seem to be just checking the box when it comes to mobile and not investing the resources into developing a well-thought-out strategy.

For example, 82% of respondents felt that consumers are disappointed when they reach a site not optimized for the mobile experience yet just about half of marketers surveyed responded that they are currently provide a rich mobile optimized web experience across smartphones (50%) and tablets (47%).

This point is furthered underscored by the varying levels of sophistication when it comes to more advanced and targeted tactics on mobile, such as offering mobile users exclusive offers or content.

mobile chart - advanced tactics

There is room for marketers to grow when it comes to mobile but, if you’re a marketer, particularly in retail, where should you start when tackling mobile opportunities? What are the consumer trends retailers need to be aware of and how can they better align with consumer expectations?

To get at the heart of this matter, we decided to take our research one step further by partnering with Yahoo to release a joint study on The Mobile Opportunity Gap:  An Analysis of Consumer Shopping Behavior and Multi-Device Advertiser Strategies.

In this study, Yahoo contributes first-party research on how mobility influences shopping behaviors which, when coupled with Kenshoo’s advertiser insights, provides actionable opportunities for multi-device, paid search advertising for retailers.

Download the Kenshoo survey and the joint Yahoo study to see the full mobile picture, understand the key imperatives and tenants of mobile marketing, and ensure you’re ready to capture cross-device opportunities.