Leverage insights powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to enhance your marketing program.

  • Proactive Insights That Drive Business Impact

    In today’s era of big data, advertisers are armed with a wealth of data. But numbers alone still leave you guessing as to why your performance declined, why your ad isn't effective or outside factors that may be impacting your campaigns.

    Kenshoo's Smart Tags are automated labels that provide you with actionable insights into campaign performance and optimization.

Benefits of Kenshoo Smart Tags

  • Always-On

    Analyzes your performance in real-time and leverages machine-learning and user feedback to improve.
  • Proactive

    Identifies issues you never recognized, before the issues even occur.
  • Actionable

    Beyond just stating your ad is underperforming or your results aren’t good, Smart Tags provide you with recommendations and easy-to-execute solutions.

The Following Smart Tags Are Currently Available

  • Popular Products

    Tags product groups containing products which we’ve identified as being highly searched for in ecommerce platforms.

  • Duplicate Keywords

    Tags keywords with the same keyword text and match type as another keyword in the same ad group or campaign, or in another campaign targeting the same audience, location and device.

  • Underperforming Keywords

    Tags ads which are underperforming within their ad groups. This tag is powered by Creative Boost, our unique engine for ensuring you get the most out the optimization of your creatives.

  • Blocked Keywords

    Tags keywords which are blocked by negative keywords.

Save Time and Maximize Your Performance at Scale

  • Scale Your Campaigns

    Maximize your campaign's performance with information that otherwise would have gone uncovered. Smart Tags not only informs you of results behind the scenes, but also gives you solutions to help you maximize your marketing program.

  • Understand Your Performance

    Smart Tags unlock the "Aha!" moments in your life. Now, when an advertiser notices a decrease in performance on an ad that previously performed well, a Smart Tag appears exposing exactly what happened and what to do about it.

  • Skip the Guesswork

    By relying on only the metrics and data available today, advertisers are constantly theorizing why one ad performed better than another or what external factors may be impacting results. Smart Tags help you skip the guesswork by providing the answers to questions you may never have thought to ask.

  • Improve Your Strategy

    With more information than ever before appearing automatically in your Kenshoo dashboard, you can spend less time on deriving insights from your results and more time on impacting future planning with the time and knowledge gained.