Enabling multi-location advertisers to set unique location-based budgets per store at scale

  • Today's Retail Challenge

    Today, retailers with several locations have dedicated budgets per store that reflect the size of the store, active promotions or revenue the store drives.
  • Localized Budgets

    With Localized Budgets, Kenshoo simplifies this process, making it possible to split your budget across all of your global locations in seconds! When a retailer creates a campaign in Kenshoo, they are able to select an option to split each of their locations into their own respective ad set or campaign, then easily apply a custom budget that reflects the location’s marketing budget. This removes the manual and extensive work retailers on Facebook have been used to, allowing them to focus on optimizing their campaigns and driving more sales.

How Localized Budgets Can Power Your Business

  • Save Time

    Save time with the ability to create hundreds of campaigns and ad sets with their own respective location-based budgets with the click of a button.
  • Increase Sales

    Drive more sales by allocating the right budgets towards the right location, and ensuring high-profit markets are receiving adequate support.
  • Maximize Budget

    No longer overspend on undervalued locations due to algorithms that don’t align with your goals.

Christoph Globke

Senior Marketing Specialist, SEM

The simplicity of the Kenshoo platform and its campaign creation tools have decreased the time spent on creating Facebook campaigns significantly for our team.

As Easy As 1, 2, 3

  • Create Your Campaign

    Create your social campaign
  • List Store Locations

    List store locations with corresponding budget
  • Automate Creation

    Kenshoo does the work for you by automating campaigns and ad sets in seconds