• Kenshoo Search

    Scale your paid search campaigns across media platforms with comprehensive automation, market leading optimization, and personalized industry expertise to efficiently meet your advertising objectives.

The Kenshoo Search Advantage

  • Cross-Platform

    Leader in innovations that help you scale and drive the best results across the consumer journey
  • Innovation

    First to market with promising new media platforms and functionality
  • Client Service

    Dedicated client service team with search expertise to help you meet your goals

Eliminate Manual Maintenance

  • Campaign Management

    Save time by managing your all of your keyword and shopping campaigns in one user interface. Schedule actions to eliminate the manual work associated with sales and promotions, performance management, periodic changes, and notifications.

  • Campaign Mirroring

    Replicate your campaigns within and across media platforms with Kenshoo’s Campaign Mirroring. Create and maintain your campaigns once to reduce duplicate work and maintain high quality campaigns across locales, media platforms, and test campaigns.

Achieve Business Goals

  • Optimization

    Use machine learning to automatically optimize your bidding across campaigns and shift budget to the best performing campaigns automatically – even across media platforms. Define your budget and KPIs, and Kenshoo’s Portfolio Optimizer takes care of the rest.

  • Budget Forecasting

    Predict the impact of your budget with Kenshoo Halogen, allowing you to put your money where it makes the biggest impact – across shopping and search campaigns and across media platforms.

Gain Actionable Insights

  • Unified Reporting

    Make smarter advertising decisions with cross-platform insights–including online and offline performance. Tailor conversions and performance metrics to your business, and quickly act on your insights with scheduled actions.

  • Conversion Tracking

    Tie search, website activity, and transactions together to connect the end to end consumer journey and understand the path to purchase.

  • Search + Social = Better Together

    Use search intent to continue the conversation on social, lowering CPC and maximizing search and social ROI.
  • Reach valuable users on Facebook that have shown interest in your products via their search activity.

Adam Treboutat - Performance Marketing


"Kenshoo’s bidding technology enabled Gusto to beat our paid search revenue targets. Given the increase in performance post-Kenshoo, everyone is very excited about the future of our paid search program. As an added benefit, we significantly reduced the amount of time spent on paid search each week!"