The Infinity Tag helps drive revenue and improve efficiency by capturing detailed conversion data like never before within a single platform

  • Uncover rich conversion event attributes that go beyond basic KPIs
  • Identify which ads, keywords, and campaigns are actually driving revenue
  • Ensure the most efficient use of bidding and campaign structure

More Detailed Conversion Data. Better Optimization.

  • Enhanced Tracking

    Track each conversion event with up to 15 value pairs like new vs. returning customers or how many items were left in a shopping cart. The Infinity Tag provides more insight than ever into the consumer conversion process and the value behind each unique customer experience.

  • Detailed Analysis

    Measure which attributes are driving the most conversions and uncover the most effective keywords and ads within each campaign. With the Infinity Tag, you can see which brands may be purchased together or if the original click was relevant to the actual purchase.

  • Focused Attribution Optimization

    Adjust bidding strategies to reflect the most successful conversion types, ads, and keywords within your campaigns. With more insight into how conversions are being attributed, exclusions can be created for irrelevant traffic along the
    conversion path resulting in more accurate tracking.

Christine Bensen


The Infinity Tag provides the granularity we’ve been craving to better understand the nuances of each and every customer conversion; with this information in hand, we can better deliver the exact ad at the exact moment it will have the greatest impact.