Identify and Take Action on Your Brand’s Sentiment with Kenshoo Social’s Creative Sentiment

  • Turn Social Listening into Social Action

    It’s a constant challenge for advertisers to know how their customers feel about their creative on a large scale, and what to do about their brand’s sentiment.

    Kenshoo’s Creative Sentiment tag solves this challenge by proactively notifying you when an ad has positive or negative sentiment. By automatically analyzing reactions and comments on your ad, you can make more informed decisions around your creative, better strategize your marketing and protect your brand.

Understand how your creative impacts your business

  • Gain better insight into how your audience is responding to your messaging
  • Reduce wasted budget by identifying which ads should be paused due to negative sentiment
  • Automatically optimize your campaigns based on your audience sentiment

It's Time to Excel your Creative Strategy

  • Stay Informed

    Receive automatic and proactive insights on consumer sentiment.

  • Take Timely Action

    Automate actions based on reaction – boost positive ads and turn off negative ones.

  • Analyze Ads

    Use the Analysis grid to get detailed analysis and trend data on each ads sentiment.

  • Adjust your Creative Strategy

    Inform future assets based on sentiment or leverage Creative Manager for real-time creative refreshes.