• Kenshoo Budget Navigator

    Kenshoo Budget Navigator powers search marketers to forecast, optimize and monitor with ease. Thanks to its unmatched flexibility, you can now accurately represent your business structure without constraints. Then machine learning technology automatically adjusts spend to achieve your business goals, with continuous feedback on expected results, so you can stay ahead of trends and the competition.

Kenshoo Budget Navigator: An Evolutionary Planning Tool Powered by Machine Learning

  • Intelligent Forecasts

    A “what-if” forecasting engine to uncover investment opportunities and guide budget allocation across campaigns, publisher, geos, products, and more. Define portfolio groups (Investments) that match your business structure and visualize potential return on any given budget.
  • Dynamic Budgeting

    Kenshoo automatically regenerates forecasts on a daily basis and adjusts bid and budget allocations to get you the best results. Simply define a plan by setting a budget and KPI goals, and the necessary budget allocations will be made for you.
  • Continuous Feedback

    Continuous feedback on your plan’s progress means peace of mind. Track how your plan is pacing at anytime, and be automatically alerted if there are opportunities beyond your plan’s scope.

Benefits of Kenshoo Budget Navigator

  • Forecasts

    Predict investment outcomes with enhanced forecasting without having to execute. The forecast is automatically recalculated on a daily basis and new bid and budget directions are applied to the bid policies.

  • Efficiency

    Do more with less, at 10x the scale with relaxed data requirements. Plan length of 7-100 days. Unlimited number of portfolios, cross portfolios, in an investment.

  • Optimization

    Optimize to your business KPIs and budgets. Budget allocation visibility and reallocation among portfolios during the cycle.

  • Monitor

    Get continuous feedback on expected results at the end of the plan period. React quickly to major market dynamics with automated alerts.

Heiko Eckert, Director of Online Marketing


"Kenshoo’s flexible optimization, cross-engine budget management, and automated campaign mirroring were critical to achieving the scale we needed for our regional expansion. We not only saved significant amounts of time, but we hit our regional expansion."