• Enabling Audience Bidding at Scale

    Kenshoo’s Bid Multipliers enable advertisers to easily execute a nuanced bidding strategy within a single Ad Set. No longer create dozens of Ad Sets in order to apply unique bids per segment. Understand the value of your audience and easily apply the appropriate bid to Age, Gender, Location and more with the advantage of consolidating bids within just one ad set.

    Save time and improve performance by leveraging Kenshoo’s Bid Multipliers to enhance your social advertising.

Enhance Your Bidding Strategy to Maximize Growth

  • Save Time

    Eliminate the need to create & manage many Ad Sets.
  • Scale

    Easily apply Bid Multipliers templates to Ad Sets.
  • Maximize Performance

    Maximize results by setting higher bids for the segments with higher lifetime value.

Apply Unique Bids to Segments That Matter Most to You

  • Device

    Set unique bids based on the devices your Ads are served on, such as Desktop, Mobile, iOS, Android and more.

  • Placement

    Apply unique bids to placements such as Messenger, Instagram, Audience Network, and more to match your bid to your customer’s experience.

  • Location

    Set custom bids based on the location of your audience with unique City, Zip, State, and Country bidding.

  • Demographic

    Brands can customize bids for unique age groups or gender to match their bids with the profile of their customers.

  • Travel Intent

    Travel brands can apply custom bids within their Ad Sets based on Length of Stay or Time until travel.