Now, app marketers can reach more iOS app users with Apple Search Ads to drive
the install and continue user app engagement, all through Kenshoo Apps.

  • What is Apple Search Ads?

    An efficient and easy way to put apps at the top of search results on the App store for iPhone and
    iPad, letting your app be discovered.
    • 65%

      App downloads that come from the app store

    • 30%

      Higher average revenue per user than other mobile app ads/platform

    Source: Apple Search Ads Homepage

  • What is Kenshoo Apps?

    An integrated app marketing platform to reach the right users across the publishers that matter, while driving the install and optimizing towards user lifetime value (LTV).

How Kenshoo Apps Powers Your Apple Search Ads Campaigns

  • Campaign Creation & Management at Scale

    Build hundreds of ads in minutes. Change bids and budgets in bulk. Leverage automated workflows.
  • Lifetime Value Optimization

    Access to users with high LTV. Full coverage of app user lifecycle. Optimize towards in-app actions.
  • Granular Reporting & Insights

    Advanced cohort analyses. Detailed data of app ads trends. Layer MMP and publisher data.

More About Kenshoo Apps

App marketers need a solution as intricate andsophisticated as today’s app users, and this is where Kenshoo Apps comes in.

  • from Discovery

    Kenshoo Apps delivers campaigns that reach your users at scale and in the locations where apps are most likely to be discovered!

  • to Stores

    Access all the right levers for total control of placement in the app stores and
    activate high app store ranking to acquire new and lasting users.
    Did you know? 50% of users who search on the App store actually convert!

  • to Retention

    Retain your users well beyond the install –access granular cohort analyses to truly understand user retention patterns, and optimize towards those in-app actions that grow lifetime value (LTV)!
    Did you know? There’s 30% higher revenue per users from Apple Search Ads vs. other at platforms.

  • and Beyond!

    Access expert scale, automation, reporting and optimization tools that take your campaigns to the next level in Apple Search Ads and other popular app ad destinations.

Or Resnitzky

VP Acquisition, Playtika

Adquant (now Kenshoo Apps) as been a key partner to support our growth efforts and we are very excited to partner with them as well to help us scale our Apple Search Ads efforts.

Reduce Effort with Automation

  • Campaign Mirroring

    Effortlessly replicate your shopping campaigns and text campaigns to Pinterest with Kenshoo’s Campaign Mirroring. Campaign mirroring copies campaigns and keeps them synchronized. You maintain only your source campaign, eliminating redundant work to create and maintain high quality Pinterest campaigns.

  • Creative Management

    Wondering how your ads will translate to Pinterest’s visual platform? Kenshoo partners with The Pin Factory to translate your text ads into Promoted Pins with images from your website. And soon you’ll be able to use Kenshoo’s Creative Manager to access and use images from your own creative library in your keyword campaigns.

  • Bulk Actions

    Don’t have existing campaigns to replicate? No worries. You can create a campaign in Excel and import it into Kenshoo using Kenshoo’s bulksheet. And, you can easily make mass changes ongoing through

  • Campaign Management

    Save time by managing all of your search campaigns in one user interface. Schedule actions to eliminate the manual work associated with sales and promotions, performance management, periodic changes, bidding strategies, and notifications.