Know which Ads are suffering from Ad Fatigue or predicted to soon suffer from fatigue, then receive guidance to get them back on track.

  • Intelligent Creative Insights at your Fingertips

    Marketing dollars are constantly wasted running Ads that are no longer relevant to your audience. Due to the lack of resources and insights available in the market, the challenge of identifying your active Ads that are becoming fatigued goes unaddressed and unresolved.

    Kenshoo blends AI and big data to analyze Ad activity and surface actionable insights that lead to more informed decisions. When your ad is fatigued or shows signs of upcoming fatigue, a Smart Tag automatically appears next to the ad, notifying you of the issue and providing you with options for solutions to easily implement. Enabling you to minimize resources while maximizing performance.
    • +297%

      Increase in Reach

    When leverage the Ad Fatigue Smart Tag

How Ad Fatigue Enhances your Social Marketing

  • Analyze

    Tags monitor impression and click volume, CPC, CTR, Ad type, timeframe and status to track Fatigue.
  • Optimize

    Makes actionable recommendations on how to resolve Fatigue so optimizations occur in seconds.
  • Maximize

    See immediate improvements on performance once you're out with the old and in with the new.

Stitch Fix

Today, Stitch Fix Men relies heavily on Smart Tags to detect and remedy Ad Fatigue.