In Part 1, we showed how Kenshoo’s Performance Driven Ads (PDA) can be used for driving a relevant message to new audiences.

Now we’d like to explore how PDA can be used to tell a consistent and meaningful story, across multiple marketing channels, to users who’ve already expressed interest in Ken’s products.

The Right Product + The Right Audience
Let’s take Ken, our marketer who is running Google Shopping Campaigns. Ken now wants to show his products on Facebook to consumers who have already shown an interest in his products, since he hopes that they are more likely to convert.

Ken uses PDA to quickly and easily create Facebook Dynamic Ads only for those products that he already knows are top performing on Google Shopping Campaigns.

To reach the right audience, he then uses Kenshoo’s Intent Driven Audiences (IDA) to automatically create a Custom Audience in Facebook that includes users who have searched for Ken’s products!

Here what it looks like from the customer’s perspective:

  • A potential customer wakes up in the morning and searches for “Tuxedo Shirt” on Google
  • The person clicks on one of Ken’s Google Shopping Campaign Ads featuring a pink tuxedo shirt.
  • Kenshoo’s IDA automatically adds that person into a Custom Audience on Facebook called “People interested in Ken’s Shirts”
  • It’s now evening. The person is scrolling through their Facebook Newsfeed and sees an ad for one of Ken’s top selling shirts, with a 10% discount. [This ad was created using Kenshoo’s PDA and retargets the user by using the Custom Audience that’s been set up with Kenshoo IDA.]
  • The person clicks on the Facebook Ad and buys the shirt! Success!

With the help of Kenshoo’s PDA and IDA, Ken leveraged intent and interest from search activities to strengthen the effectiveness of social advertising.
Ken built an audience across channels.
Ken focused his product offers on those items that had the strongest appeal.
Most importantly, Ken provided a relevant and consistent experience, showing the right ad at the right time, and created a story (and discount!) designed to appeal and convert.

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