Call Conversion Optimization Case Study for National Auto Manufacturer

70 %
Call Volume Increase
28 %
Conversion Rate Increase
27 %
Cost per Conversion Decrease


A leading auto original equipment manufacturer (OEM) with dealerships across the nation faces the challenges of most local marketers, but on a larger scale. The complexity of running both local and national campaigns while attempting to reach measurable results demands a focused team and robust tools that can handle larger branding goals as well as many dealership-focused lead generation efforts. To meet the demands of its marketing needs, this large OEM partnered with Kenshoo.


With more than 1,800 dealerships in North America, one of the company’s primary goals for its local search marketing efforts is driving sales leads via qualified phone calls. The search team put together a strategic campaign aimed at increasing the volume of such calls to local dealers but needed an effective way to track the offline leads. Additionally, the team wanted to ensure the campaign remained focused on the Cost Per Lead which required the ability to optimize based on conversion results.


The Kenshoo solution delivered call tracking, reporting, and online-to-offline Call Conversion Optimization down to the keyword level. This functionality allowed the search teams to accurately attribute call volume to individual keywords, resulting in a clear view of which queries were most successful at driving calls to dealerships. The teams were also able to leverage these insights to automatically optimize their online campaign to generate more converting calls.


The Kenshoo solution helped increase call conversions by automatically identifying and optimizing towards the highest converting keywords in the company’s search marketing campaigns. This more insightful approach resulted in a cost per lead up to 35% lower for dealerships across the country.