Are you using URL parameters to track your website visits? If yes, did you know Kenshoo has built a backend tool to automatically create and populate URL parameters? No more of typing in those parameters manually!

Let’s back up here for a minute. URL Parameters are added to your URLs and used for tracking purposes. For example, adding “source=facebook” will tell your internal system that this click (and eventually conversion) came from a Facebook visitor. Then, by adding an id such as, id=123456, we know your visitor saw ad id 123456 and clicked your ad.

The possibilities are endless and exciting!

In fact, Facebook just released its very first url tag to help you get more granular. By adding [SITE_SOURCE_NAME]  to your URLs, you can tell if your ad was served on the Facebook Audience Network, Instagram or Facebook.

But who wants to type out [SITE_SOURCE_NAME] every time an ad is created? Kenshoo can add these tags to your URL automatically, making tracking easier for you.

For example, we can dynamically input a Kenshoo Ad ID, Facebook Ad Set Name, image name or a static value like “Kenshoo”. We can create automatic parameters and values for your third-party tracking tools too.

If you are using our Kenshoo Social Naming Template, we can pull any attribute from there as well. Let’s say you are running a Black Friday BOGO campaign. We would be able to pull that in as a value too, giving you more insight into what and where your customers are clicking and converting on.

If you aren’t currently utilizing our URL tool, ask your account manager today!