You know that feeling you get when you’re trying to watch The Voice (or any other favorite TV show) and you realize you’re holding the wrong remote? The show is on your DVR so you need your cable remote instead of your Apple TV remote.  You get up and spend five minutes looking around the room to find it. By that point, you’ve practically forgotten what it is you want to watch anyway.

Similarly, as marketers, we all have several “remotes” on our marketing coffee tables — multiple tools we need to use to understand the performance of our digital marketing efforts.  I’m sure all of you have at least three different platforms and their related logins, that you use in order to understand what’s moving the needle on your business. It can be a hassle!

Announcing the Integration of Hootsuite and Kenshoo

That’s why we’re excited to announce Kenshoo’s partnership with Hootsuite, the most widely used platform for managing social media, providing you a combined snapshot of your paid and organic digital media campaigns all in one place.  

The integration of Kenshoo into Hootsuite brings a new level of visibility and coordination between your organic social media and your paid search and social teams.  You can now use your organic performance insights to optimize your paid spend and deliver better overall campaign results.

This integration will enable you to:

  • Track your customers cross-channel: Gain a holistic view of the customer journey and know the key moments in the path to conversion.
  • Tell your best story: Apply insights and automate ad sequencing to reach customers when they are most likely to convert.
  • Make every dollar count: Outperform competitors by quickly optimizing your paid campaigns based on the real-time performance of organic social media posts.
  • Measure the value of your content: Quantify how your paid and organic media contribute to conversion goals with weighted attribution across publishers.
  • 24/7 Global Customer Support: Receive award-winning customer service from industry experts who will enable you to exceed your business goals.

How Does It Work?

Kenshoo tracking parameters can be easily added to organic posts sent from Hootsuite to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn. These tracking parameters then allow you to see clicks and conversions on your organic content within the Kenshoo interface.

This data helps you better understand the impact organic social media posts have on your overall paid campaigns and goals, and allows you to identify high-performing organic posts that can be selectively amplified in paid campaigns.  And, the best part is that you can now share attribution across your search and social campaigns, understanding how each contributes to your goals.  

For example, if a user clicks on one of your organic tweets, then a Facebook video ad and finally a paid search term before converting, you can now attribute credit accordingly, i.e. the tweet receives 20% credit, the Facebook video receives 30% credit and then Google search ad gets 50% credit.

“The fast pace of social media means that brands have to be agile enough to respond to changes in the market across all digital channels. Kenshoo’s integration with Hootsuite empowers customers to better understand and enhance the impact of their paid and organic social initiatives,” said Tom Affinito, vice president product marketing at Kenshoo.

Getting started

As of today, the Hootsuite-Kenshoo integration is available to joint customers of Hootsuite Enterprise and Kenshoo.  Contact your Customer Success manager to get set-up.  Or, visit to learn more.