Facebook announced today the winners of its Innovation Competition, and Kenshoo Social, a Facebook strategic Preferred Marketing Developer, was selected for our recently released Demand-Driven Campaigns (DDC) offering. We’re thrilled to be among the select few recognized as leading innovators among a highly competitive and qualified field that included more than 60 participants.

So why’d they choose Kenshoo Social and DDC? Well, we’d like to think it was an easy choice. 🙂

DDC enables advertisers to leverage Facebook as an always-on ad channel. DDC automatically creates and manages product-specific advertising on Facebook based on demand signals of top performing products from marketers’ internal systems, Product Listing Ad (PLA) campaigns, general paid search efforts and other sources. By integrating with inventory systems and Google Merchant Center catalogs, DDC automatically creates dynamic product ads from images and attributes. DDC then leverages data and demand signals from Product Listing Ad (PLA) campaigns, complementary paid search efforts and other sources to quickly identify the top performing or trending products to advertise.

For example:

An advertiser using the Kenshoo platform is running both a PLA campaign and a Facebook ad campaign. If they use DDC, it matches their hottest brands and products from PLA campaigns [BabyBonkers, Onesies] with their inventory availability, price, color, etc. [15, $19.99, White] and creates dynamic ads [“Find BabyBonkers White Onesies, Starting from $19.99 – only 15 left.  Get ‘em before they’re gone!” + that adorable photo of the little peanut!].


By leveraging PLA performance data like ROI, CVR and click volume to find the best performing products in Search and combining these with Facebook’s sophisticated audience targeting capabilities, like Custom and Lookalike Audiences and Partner Categories, DDC enables direct response advertisers to extend their reach into new, valuable audiences on Facebook with ads for products that are most likely to perform.

PLA advertisers that haven’t yet embraced Facebook advertising can use turn-key Demand-Driven Campaigns to automatically and quickly create, launch and manage Facebook campaigns for their hottest products.

No more manual monitoring of inventory. No more manual sorting of data to identify top-selling products. No more ads served for products which are out of stock.

Simple. Time Saver. Performance Booster. And now … a Winner.

Visit KenshooSocial.com/DDC for more information on Demand Driven Campaigns.

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