Kenshoo is proud to announce that we’ve been named as a Bing Elite Partner in Bing Ads’ new 3-tier partner program. We’re thrilled to be part of this select, high performing group of partners and a trusted advisor to Bing’s growing search business! Our Elite status reflects our commitment to Bing and the high levels of investment that we’ve made to support our joint client’s success.


Who is Kenshoo?

Kenshoo offers the market leading solution for automating and optimizing marketing campaigns at scale for the world’s most sophisticated brands. We help advertisers close the gaps between brands and customers in their cross-publisher journey – a journey that is increasingly mobile.

Using our technology, clients flexibly optimize their campaigns across all devices for almost any business goal – awareness, ROI, lead generation, app downloads – while automation minimizes the effort to manage them. Search advertising, which today makes up 52% of all digital advertising spend, is a core area of investment for our clients.

Why is Kenshoo Excited to be a Bing Ads Elite Partner?

Bing Delivers Premium Ad Inventory for Kenshoo Clients

Bing has made smart bets in Bing Ads, resulting in their search advertising revenue growth of over 24% YOY in FY16. Bing continues to grow globally, with nearly one third PC search market share in the US, over 20% in the UK and over 10% in 5 additional markets. This growth makes Bing a major player in search and provides a great source of premium inventory with high ROI for Kenshoo clients.

Kenshoo Helps Advertisers Scale Across Publishers and Realize the Value of Bing

Kenshoo has made significant investments to help our clients quickly benefit from Bing’s growth. These investments reduce the friction involved in including Bing in their marketing mix and increases their overall return:

SEARCH AND SHOPPING CAMPAIGN MIRRORING allows clients to quickly expand their campaigns to Bing, speeding adoption and nearly eliminating the effort to maintain cross-publisher campaigns.

EXPANDED TEXT AD (ETA) MIGRATION AUTOMATION is a unique offering that dramatically reduces ETA migration effort to just a few clicks.

MOBILE BID OPTIMIZATION supports the growing trend towards mobile usage, allowing clients to bid higher in situations where mobile ads achieve better results.

ADVANCED OPTIMIZATION calculates marginal ROI across publishers, helping our clients find the clear incremental opportunities where Bing provides higher returns for the next dollar of spend.

What Does Bing Elite Partnership Mean for Clients?

Kenshoo has long had a strategic and collaborative partnership with Bing; the Elite partnership is a continuation of that deep relationship. We’ll continue to work together to identify and support the search initiatives that will move the needle for our advertisers. And we’ll invest in the technology, training, and marketing to bring those initiatives to our clients and enable their success.

Paul Vallez

Per Paul Vallez, VP Corporate Strategy & Business Development at Kenshoo, “Our deep strategic partnership with Bing has never been stronger, and we’re continuing to invest in turnkey solutions for marketers to capitalize on the growth in mobile and drive high ROI from their investments in Bing.”

Joint clients such as LegalDocsPDQ witnessed a significant increase in profit for Bing ad campaigns managed by Kenshoo. By expanding a successful campaign to Bing and using Kenshoo for optimization, they saw triple-digit improvements with Bing profit up 200%. We look forward to continuing to grow and extend this kind of opportunity to all our clients.

Steve Sirich, GM Microsoft Bing

“Kenshoo’s solution for mirroring and expanded text ads is unique in the marketplace. It helps reduce the friction to bring Bing into their marketing mix,” said Steve Sirich, General Manager of Bing Ads Marketing. “We look forward to continuing to innovate with Kenshoo to drive adoption of Bing worldwide and deliver incremental value to our client’s marketing programs.”

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