I may be showing my age unnecessarily here, but do you remember when you used to go a place with tons of real-life books to find information or something fun to read? Memory don’t fail me here… I believe these places were called “libraries.” In any case, do you remember how hard it was to actually find what you were looking for, even if you knew the Dewey Decimal System or had a helpful librarian?

Well now, fast-forward a couple (or in my case a few) decades. Have you ever had a similar feeling when trying to find an asset to use in your marketing campaign? Even one you’ve already used but just can’t remember what it was or where to find it?

Take audience segments for example. You’ve experimented with hundreds, perhaps even thousands, over the course of building your highly optimized and granularly targeted Facebook marketing program.  You’ve used Kenshoo Social to automatically create hundreds of permutations of ad image, copy and audience segments, easily grouping these into flexible campaign and ad set structures to optimize your bids and budgets. And, you’ve even leveraged Kenshoo Social’s custom naming templates so that you can easily find your campaigns and ads for analysis at a later time.

Well, what do you do about organizing your audiences so you can find them at some time in the future? How do you find your best performing audience segments when you want to use them again for that all-important flash sale or new product campaign – and without all the trial and error? Was it “males age 35 -50 in Chicago” or “females age 26-30 in Denver” that worked the best?  Did your audience like basketball or, wait…maybe it was yoga?

It’s not easy being a marketer in today’s digital media world, having to keep track of so many minute variables, especially in the case of social marketing in which there has been a big-bang-sized explosion of demographic, behavioral, and interest data to select your audiences from.

That’s why Kenshoo built Audience Libraries. It’s like having your own, user-defined Dewey Decimal System for Audience Management in Kenshoo Social. With Kenshoo Social Audience Libraries, you can:

– Create and save new audience segments during the ad creation process and when  editing existing ads
– See important information about your audiences, including its size, the number of    ads using the audience, the date the audience was created and who created it.
– View a list of all the Facebook interests included in the audience
– Click through to a list of all the ads currently targeted to that audience along with all  your chosen performance statistics

If you haven’t had a chance to take advantage of Kenshoo Social’s Audience Management solutions, please contact your friendly neighborhood Kenshoo librarian (er…Account Manager) today!