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“The Kenshoo Infinity Suite gives us a great purview across channels and we’re quite enthusiastic about being able to manage through Kenshoo other channels such as mobile display alongside search and social. To date, we’ve seen tremendous results through Kenshoo, including an increase of over 60% in revenue.”

Dan Morgan, Head of Search, SEO & Biddable Media

“After our trial period, we were confident that Kenshoo would be a valuable asset in optimizing our online marketing and advertising efforts. They offer a great product.”

Justin Richmond, VP of Search Marketing

“Kenshoo has made a significant impact for us in our daily budget management with significant time-savings and ensuring we stay within our increasingly small margin for error. We’ve reduced our daily pacing checks 5-10 hours per week and applied those hours to other critical functions of our campaigns. Kenshoo has provided benefits across the board.”

Stephanie Lee , Search and Display Manager

“I Kenshoo because it’s a great way to optimize what we do across multiple engines and it just makes life easier.”

Frank Wrenn, Project Leader

“Kenshoo dynamically looks at each click and conversion across multiple channels and determines their true business impact. As a result, we’ve been able to meet and exceed our return on investment goals.”

Gordon Magee, Internet Marketing and Media Manager

“We rely on Kenshoo to drive our global search marketing activities and strategy across several brands. We continue to be impressed by both the high levels of functionality provided by Kenshoo, as well as the expert service levels we receive from our Kenshoo account management team. The team is always responsive and provides seamless, integrated support across all our markets in EMEA, APAC and the US.”

Ed Schofield

“It is a huge timesaver to be able to login to Kenshoo and view our Criteo retargeting alongside search campaigns. With the successful integration of retargeting, I can now glean valuable insights quickly and make better decisions to improve ROI on the fly.”

Dillon Smith, eMarketing and Social Media Manager

“Kenshoo is on the cutting edge when it comes to search marketing technology. Kenshoo keeps us ahead of the curve and its latest PLA functionality gives us even more confidence that we’re working with the best. Google Shopping will have a big impact for retailers this holiday season and we’re excited by what Kenshoo has to offer.”

Jordan Levy, SEM Manager

“Kenshoo Editor is really convenient for making bulk changes across multiple channels and ensuring proper tracking.”

Casee Konick, Paid Search Manager

“Search is a foundational channel within the marketing mix, and we’re constantly striving for new ways to maximize its performance. Working with Kenshoo, Resolution continues to provide new perspectives on how to best balance paid and organic search. A lot of marketers can benefit from the insights we’ve uncovered here.”

Mark Grote, World Wide Search Advertising Manager

“Kenshoo Portfolio Optimizer automates our bid management and enables much more dynamic optimization than we could perform on our own. It immediately reduced our costs per click significantly, and with constant conversion rates, profits have been consistently higher. The new algorithm figured out where we could reduce bids, and it boosted profit 87 percent.”

Ryan Bruss, Manager, Search Engine Marketing

“To achieve similar results without Kenshoo would require us to triple our search marketing staff and have them work 100% of the time as PPC specialists. Plus it would not be nearly as closely integrated into our websites as Kenshoo now is. During the evaluation stage we looked at several solutions but Kenshoo was the one that stood out with the most potential and it has fully lived up to its lofty expectations.”

Brian Wulfe, Online Business Manager

“With the deep PPC experience that WSI’s Dave Levy and Tom Kuthy bring to the table, combined with the scale and efficiency that Kenshoo enables, we now have the winning combination for long-term growth. We plan to vastly expand our PPC program during the next fiscal year, and we would never have been able to do that without the performance delivered by WSI and Kenshoo.”

Nicole O’Connell, Director of Enrollment Marketing

“Kenshoo consistently delivers new competitive advantages for us. Having the ability to manage keyword bids in an environment that specifically addresses the nuances of Baidu should make a tremendous difference for us and this is only the latest in a long line of innovations for the China market from Kenshoo. They help us keep ahead of the competition.”

Sam Hu, SR Manager SEM

“Kenshoo’s new template-driven account creation has eliminated 30 to 40 percent of the time we spend creating accounts for advertisers. With Kenshoo, we’re able to onboard new advertisers faster and more effectively than ever before.”

Chris Olson, SEM campaign manager

“Velocity and Kenshoo combined to make the perfect solution for achieving Sonus’ local marketing goals. We established our goals for the program in advance, and with the help of SIM Partners and Kenshoo, we’ve exceeded them all to this point. We could never have predicted this level of success.”

Elizabeth Rossini, Director of Marketing

“The time savings our team has achieved in campaign creation and building test variations within Kenshoo has opened up more time for us to invest in our Facebook program strategy. With the more tedious tasks simplified through Kenshoo’s suite, we have been able to dig into the data and actually put those insights into action through fine-tuned bidding and new ad unit testing.”

Sachin Gadhvi, VP Marketing

“Kenshoo’s digital marketing software has driven record success for our business this holiday season. The RealTime Campaigns feature is outstanding, allowing us to profitably expand our long tail. With the combination of Kenshoo’s innovative solutions and stellar customer service we are well positioned to continue outstanding growth.”

David Gusick, E-Commerce Director

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