Circa 1995, adorned in a yellow plaid vest and matching skirt, fashion-forward Cher Horowitz is teased by her father, Mel, and step-brother, Josh, because the only direction she has in her life is towards the mall.

While the infamous Cher chose a brick-and-mortar outlet as her channel to access the latest fashion trends, the current consumer journey is much more complex as shoppers research and convert via multiple devices and channels, leveraging an increasingly large amount of product information before making decisions.

cher-dress-meWhile Cher had the ability to choose fashionable outfits with her in-closet “dress me” computer system, most consumers today are consulting mobile devices, desktop computers, tablets, and search and social channels before making apparel purchases.

The Kenshoo Industry Spotlight: Retail – Apparel infographic follows the apparel consumer path-to-purchase and provides marketers a glimpse into one of the many paths a consumer may take before purchasing a product. In addition, the infographic highlights marketer tips on how to engage and influence decisions at each point along the customer journey.

The apparel shopping process has evolved greatly since we saw valley girl, Cher, on the big screen

As you follow the path in our infographic, you’ll see the modern-day Cher interact with multiple types of ads (both online and offline) prior to making a purchase and witness the search query become more and more specific as she starts to develop more specific intent and honein on the desired product.

Apparel consumers are inclined to research and comparison shop more than other segments. In fact, almost 1 in 3 apparel customers visit 5+ sites prior to conversion. While this can make it difficult for retailers to convert customers, leveraging the Kenshoo Universal Platform to integrate with back-end eCommerce and CRM systems can help you to better understand what consumers are doing on your site.

1 in 3 apparel consumers

In addition, apparel shoppers are likely to share their wish-lists and purchases with others, making social channels an ideal place for marketers to identify potential customers, engage, and retarget. Facebook, in particular, generates a large number of sales with 87% of clothing and apparel orders from social media sites originating from Facebook.

The apparel shopping process has evolved greatly since we saw valley girl, Cher, on the big screen, with consumers interacting across multiple devices and channels before making purchases. Marketers must diversify their online marketing tactics to engage across all screens and platforms to generate conversions and sales.

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