San Francisco (June 14, 2011) – Kenshoo (, a global leader in digital marketing software, today announced the public release of Kenshoo Editor, a first-of-its-kind application that brings advanced search marketing campaign management functionality to the desktop and simplifies some of the most complex and time-consuming campaign management tasks.

The Kenshoo Editor enables fast and powerful paid search updates across multiple accounts and channels through an intuitive graphical interface, customizable views, and drag-and-drop functionality. Through the Kenshoo Editor, search marketers can make ad copy, landing page, and bid changes across hundreds of thousands of keywords in a matter of minutes.

While in beta, customers using Kenshoo Editor reported 3-10x time savings on core search marketing optimization tasks such as creating new campaigns, restructuring current campaigns, and making bulk creative updates across campaigns.

“The Kenshoo Editor is a game-changer, “said Sachin Gadhvi, Director of Search Engine Marketing and Mobile at TicketsNow, a leading resale marketplace owned by Ticketmaster. “As one of the nation’s biggest ticket resellers, our inventory is incredibly vast and dynamic. We live on the long tail, and the Kenshoo Editor gives us a way to manage all our keywords across channels simply and effectively.”

“We used the Kenshoo Editor to do a massive restructure of the House of Fraser search program and are thrilled with the results,” said Chris Dillabough, Director at Kinase, a search engine marketing agency based in the U.K. “We would never have been able to complete the effort on time without the Kenshoo Editor.”

Kenshoo Editor marks the latest digital marketing software innovation by Kenshoo. In 2009, Kenshoo was the first-to-market with RealTime Campaigns, a solution for automatically updating paid search campaigns based on inventory, merchandising, and other dynamic variables. In 2010, Kenshoo unveiled Call Conversion Optimization to bridge the gap between online marketing and offline sales through algorithmic optimization based on phone call volume and quality. Earlier in 2011, Kenshoo released the Landing Page Watchdog, a monitoring and alerting tool that helps marketers catch and fix broken or irrelevant URLs.

“At Kenshoo, we’re always looking for new ways to give our customers every possible advantage,” said Ariel Fligler, VP of Products at Kenshoo. “Kenshoo Editor greatly simplifies the most arduous campaign management tasks, especially for marketers with multiple accounts across multiple engines. With the Kenshoo Editor, marketers can make bulk changes with just a few clicks and get back to planning their next strategic moves.”