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Best-in-class technology to take you beyond the keyword for full funnel search
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Award-winning technology to grow your business on the top social networks
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First-of-a-kind local advertising platform to target consumers across search and social
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Industry-leading solutions to manage & optimize product campaigns at scale
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Mobile Apps

The all-in-one solution for app marketers to reach their best customers
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SaaS solution for measuring your true marketing incrementality

Plan, predict, and perform

From exploring in search, to sharing in social, and shopping in ecommerce, Kenshoo connects your message directly with consumers in these marketing mindsets.

with insights, automation, and scale.

With machine learning intelligence to drive unparalleled performance, Kenshoo integrates directly with more social, search and ecommerce platforms than any other solution.

Driving Value for Global Advertisers

Tim Willey
Ecommerce Marketing Specialist at O’Neill
“In a short time, our goals were met without sacrificing site traffic. Additionally, media costs decreased versus our previous bidding strategy. This is a huge win for O’Neill and we look forward to ongoing growth with Rakuten Marketing and Kenshoo.”
Andrew Macintosh
Global Media Strategist, Electronic Arts
“Kenshoo was a big game changer for us. We were able to scale to 2-3X the workload without adding resources to meet our globalization goals. Without the level of sophistication, they provided to the ad creation, we wouldn’t have been able to manage that scale.”
Johannes Mulert
Account Marketing Manager - Under Armour
“Thanks a lot to the Kenshoo team for its support. In a very short amount of time we have been able to get new insights from the platform which have helped us grow revenue significantly during one of the busiest times of year.”
Clint Armstrong
Sr. Partner, Group Director, Search & Social at Mindshare
“Partnering with Kenshoo to help design an elegant technology solution to an obstacle our teams have experienced, has further opened the door to more efficiently manage Amazon Marketing Services buys…and with Kenshoo’s search and social data as a gauge, potential visibility with this new solution is undeniable.”
Tommy Chan
Paid Search Manager, Reprise Media
“Kenshoo Ecommerce has completely changed the way I manage and report on Amazon campaigns for my client. The time spent gathering data, from reporting to managing the day-to-day of my campaigns has gone from a half-hour plus to less than two minutes, which is at least 4 to 5 times faster than before. The time savings I've found using Kenshoo helps not only in reporting but with budget pacing as well, leaving time for the tasks that matter to my client - optimization and strategic product placement...I can't wait to see what new functionality Kenshoo Ecommerce comes out with in the future.”
Erin Ballard
Search & Ecommerce Partner, Wavemaker
“Thanks to Kenshoo, our team was able to turn 15 hours of work into 15 minutes!”

Kenshoo Industry Leading Scale

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