Advanced platform to automate the creation, management, and optimization of highly-targeted social marketing campaigns

Built to the specs of the world’s most innovative marketers, Kenshoo Social helps you build your brand and generate demand.

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Breakthrough social media technology for elite marketers

Campaign Creation & Management

Increase efficiency through workflows optimized for sophisticated, large scale and complex ad programs.

  • Social Ads Manager: quickly create and launch thousands of ads and campaigns with an easy-to-use campaign creation wizard
  • Bulk Editing and Cloning: efficiently make mass changes and duplicate high-performing campaigns
  • FBX: retarget prospects and customers through the Facebook Exchange (FBX) real-time bidding platform
  • Ad Scheduling: automate and schedule changes to keep your program running as desired

Audience Targeting

Invest marketing budget more effectively with tools to reach your highest value audiences and consumers most likely to convert.

  • Intent-Driven Audiences: Achieve higher ROI by targeting audiences on Facebook based on intent demonstrated through search engine activity
  • Intent-Driven FBX: Leverage search and Product Listing Ad performance data to bid more effectively out of the gate on Facebook Exchange
  • Kenshoo Personas: Save time and maximize performance by easily saving, reusing, and updating libraries of your most profitable and influential audiences

Bid, Budget & Creative Optimization

Maximize return through tailored algorithms that help you discover new audiences and convert new customers.

  • Budget Management: automatically allocate budget to campaigns that can best meet your defined performance goals
  • Facebook-specific Bidding Solutions: leverage bespoke algorithms that are calibrated to meet your business needs via Facebook
  • A/B Testing: easily test different ad creatives and segments to optimize campaign performance
  • Demand Driven Campaigns: turn top performing products into Facebook ads

Measurement & Attribution

Measure each customer interaction across channels and devices to gain a holistic view of performance.

  • Owned Media Intergration: track and analyze sales and conversions driven by organic social media
  • Social Attribution Solution: apply credit to each interaction across online media channels through customized attribution models
  • Mobile Support: track and measure app installs, in-app purchases, and lifetime value
  • Flexible Dashboards & Reports: create your own analytics and performance views

Training & Support

Get  up and running quickly and stay ahead of the curve with the most extensive training and enablement in the industry.

  • Social Certification Program: take our comprehensive program to master social media marketing and the Kenshoo Social platform
  • Dedicated Account Management: leverage resources to share best practices and stay up-to-date on the latest Kenshoo developments
  • KenshooU: ramp up with our online portal and extensive training content library including on-demand videos
  • Managed Services: tap into Kenshoo's expert team for full campaign management as needed