The Kenshoo Infinity Awards Logo

The Infinities honor the world's most innovative marketers that have leveraged the Kenshoo platform in unique ways to achieve business goals.

The 2014 Infinities winners include

  • Sears Holdings Corporation

  • Experian

  • iProspect & Adidas

  • Virket

  • Schibsted & Bom Negocio

The 2015 Infinities - Submit an Application

All Kenshoo clients are invited to submit their most compelling examples of Infinite Optimization. There are eight vertical categories — Automotive, Education, Retail, Travel, Financial Services, Local, Gaming/Mobile Apps, and CPG/QSR (Consumer Packaged Goods and Quick Service Restaurants).
The winners will be announced at Kenshoo’s 3nd Annual K8 Client Summit being held in San Francisco, CA on May 20, 2015.

FAQ and Guidelines

What are the Kenshoo Infinity Awards?

The Kenshoo Infinity Awards (aka “The Infinities”) showcase the best work by marketers who use the Kenshoo suite in innovative ways and achieve tangible success metrics.

Why should I enter?

You deserve recognition for the amazing work you’ve done! The Infinites are a great way to highlight your team’s achievements.

What are the qualifications for entry?

All current Kenshoo clients are permitted to enter. The campaign submitted must have taken place within 12 months of the submission date. All submissions that include the name of the company/advertiser must be approved for by said advertiser. Video, multimedia, or other visual elements are strongly encouraged.

Can multiple campaigns be submitted per client?

Yes, multiple submissions will be accepted.

Is there an entry fee?

No entry fee is required.

What is the submission deadline?

April 17, 2015

How will I know if you’ve received my entry?

Once your entry is received, you will receive a confirmation message verifying receipt of your submission(s).

Can Kenshoo clients from anywhere in the world participate?

Of course — global campaigns are permitted and encouraged!

How will the awards be judged?

Submissions will be judged on a combination of the following criteria: 1. How you utilized Kenshoo and its functionality. 2. Innovative implementation or use cases of Kenshoo functionality. 3. The tangible results you achieved.
If you would like to submit any supporting information (reports, images, examples), please email

Who will be judging the entries?

The Kenshoo Executive Team

When will the award ceremony take place?

At Kenshoo’s 3rd Annual K8 Client Summit, on May 20, 2015 in San Francisco, California.

Do I have to be present to win or claim my award?

We encourage you to have at least one representative from the winning organization in attendance.

What are the prizes for winning each category?

The winning teams will receive two-nights, one-room hotel accommodations for Kenshoo’s 2015 K8 Global Client Summit

Entries will be judged on a combination of the following criteria: how you utilized Kenshoo and its functionality, innovative implementation or use cases of Kenshoo solutions, and the tangible results you achieved. If you would like to submit any supporting information (reports, screenshots, examples), please email *

* Note: By submitting an entry to the Kenshoo Infinity Awards, you give your explicit consent for Kenshoo to use your submission, including any and all assets submitted, publicly for Kenshoo's marketing and promotional purposes, including but not limited to, published case studies and testimonials, at its sole discretion, and without compensation to you, the advertiser, the brand, or the agency.