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“a great product”

Justin Richmond, Expedia Read More →

“proven track record”

Tom Daniell, Tesco Read More →

“easy bid optimizations”

Amy Hahn, eBay Read More →

“driving bottom-line results”

Steve Katelman, Omnicom Media Group Read More →

“improve efficiencies”

Mark Braatz, KIXEYE Read More →

“drive performance in social, mobile, and display”

Craig Ellis, Reprise Media Read More →

“The conversion attribution solution from Kenshoo allowed the Zappos team to create and amplify synergies between our paid and owned social media strategies. Through integrated reporting, we gained a holistic view of our customer throughout the path to purchase, which has enabled us to better understand the impact of our investments.”

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Zappos Facebook Activity Over 2 Months Drives 85,000 Website Visits

“generate tangible business results”

Scott Hagedorn, Annalect Read More →

“target the right audiences”

Richard Cohene, Beyond the Rack Read More →

“clear picture of results”

Janel Laravie, Chacka Marketing Read More →

“cross channel management”

Price Glomski, PMG Read More →

“automate routine tasks”

Meenakshi Bhattacharya, Tesco Read More →

“very flexible”

Nuno Hipolito, Omnicom Media Read More →

“The time savings our team has achieved in campaign creation and building test variations within Kenshoo has opened up more time for us to invest in our Facebook program strategy. With the more tedious tasks simplified through Kenshoo’s suite, we have been able to dig into the data and actually put those insights into action through fine-tuned bidding and new ad unit testing.”

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Ticketmaster Case Study

“save time”

Jeremy Brown, Metric Theory Read More →

“scalable global search campaigns”

Thomas Delafosse, Reprise Media Sydney Read More →

“real strategic partner”

Casey Wilson, Chacka Marketing Read More →

“scale campaign creation”

Dallin Price, Read More →

“streamline our everyday activities”

Justin Freid, CMI Media Read More →

“easier and more comprehensive.”

Garret Lopata, Hibu Read More →

“The math behind Kenshoo Portfolio Optimizer has delivered superior results compared to the other platforms we’ve used. At first I was skeptical but I put my trust in the Kenshoo team and its algorithms to adapt to my business while giving me full transparency and control. Along the way, the Kenshoo Editor saved my team loads of time, allowing us to expand to more than 50 markets quickly and effectively.”

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Skyscanner Case Study

“deliver outstanding results”

Cleosent Randing, Valuklik Read More →

“high quality leads”

Chris Chang, Elite SEM Read More →

“most flexible and advanced platform”

Sander van der Kraan, Conversed Read More →

“advanced operations”

Yoshiyuki Takano, Rakuten, Inc Read More →

“leg up on the competition”

Christine Bensen, iCrossing Read More →

“efficiently deliver relevant messaging”

Justin Freid, CMI Read More →

“Social media can be complex to plan, execute and scale without the right technology platform. Through Kenshoo, the Sears Holdings team has been able to quantify and improve the results we see from Facebook advertising and unlock the full value of this social channel. Kenshoo’s unique workflow tools helps us quickly create targeted campaigns and the tailored algorithms help optimize to our specific goals.”

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Kenshoo Social Brochure

“Kenshoo’s unique solution”

Angela Hsu, Lamps Plus Read More →

“indispensable in our daily work routine”

Eidy Cavalheiro, GuiaMais Read More →

“help marketers maximise returns”

Daniel Benton, Salmat Digital Read More →

“we use Halogen every day”

Andrew Burger, Switched on Media Read More →

“simplifies cross-channel campaign management”

Price Glomski, PMG Read More →

“intelligent automation”

Matt Nunney, Maxus Read More →

“Kenshoo provides best-in-class technology and allows us to stay on the cutting edge of innovation to deliver performance levels required by large-scale clients. Kenshoo is recognized by Mediabrands globally as a valued partner that continues to push the envelope in performance marketing channels.”

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Intent Driven Audiences

“next frontier of search marketing”

Andrew Burger, Switched On Media Read More →

“bidding system is amazing”

Roy Lieb, eToro Read More →

“most powerful system”

, Playtika Read More →

Automated bidding has been a game changer for us. We never expected to reach ROI like this. Adquant’s real-time Facebook algorithms are the real deal. At first we were hesitant to use Adquant’s automatic bidding algorithms…but after several A/B tests we understood the power it actually brings us and the ROI it would return.

, William Hill Read More →

“makes my life easier”

Diego Alaluf, DragonPlay Read More →

“superior service”

Sivan Kaspi, Playtech Read More →

“At VirKet we pride ourselves on quickly and effectively responding to the needs of our clients and Kenshoo’s robust features enhance our ability to act in a more agile, flexible and profitable manner. Kenshoo’s ability to create and scale successful campaigns is unparalleled, and we’ve have had great success with Kenshoo’s advanced bid optimization functionality.”

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K8 2014 - Local Infinities Winner

“rapid feature release”

Adir Ron, Read More →

“brilliant minds at Kenshoo”

Jennifer Tan, Experian Read More →

“drive market-leading results”

Brian Powley, iCrossing Read More →

“combining search and social”

Alberto Blanco, RIOT Read More →

“beyond the status quo”

Jonathan Treiber, RevTrax Read More →

“unite and optimize”

Arthur Marcoviciu, Staples Canada Read More →

“We utilized Kenshoo dimensions and assigned a dimension to every team and player on those teams and then we created those mobile bid adjustments, scheduled in advance, with that we drove an additional 150,000 clicks on those mobile devices.”

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K8 2014 Highlights

“ahead of the curve”

Daniel Benton, Salmat Digital Read More →


LuRae Lumpkin, Covario Read More →

“increasing overall performance”

Josh Mallamud, Ifbyphone Read More →

“immensely valuable”

Shaun Parnell, Sq1 Read More →

“biggest revenue opportunity”

Jeff Hensel, AutoAnything Read More →

“positive effect on revenue”

John Tighe, The Journeys Group Read More →

“Kenshoo allows me to be proactive by really facilitating actionablity on the strategies that we formulate at a degree that’s extremely granular, in a way that’s not really possible with other tools on accounts of our size.”

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Empowering Proactive Marketers

“services, expertise and technology”

Rob Stein, DMA Read More →

“advanced audience targeting capabilities”

Sam Bloom, Camelot Communications Read More →

“automation and analytics”

Alli Schwartz, Ovative/Group Read More →

“best-of-breed technology”

Jairo Mandelbaum, OndaLocal Read More →

“drive for our clients”

Ken Tola, Bizgnition Read More →

“recognized leader”

Jay Henderson, IBM Read More →

“The Kenshoo Infinity Suite gives us a great purview across channels and we’re quite enthusiastic about being able to manage through Kenshoo other channels such as mobile display alongside search and social. To date, we’ve seen tremendous results through Kenshoo, including an increase of over 60% in revenue.”

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Powering Search + Social Success for Accor

“significant time-savings”

Stephanie Lee , Read More →

“precision and visibility”

Michelle Cranston, Travelodge Read More →

“accurately forecast budgets”

Paul Kasamias, Starcom MediaVest Group Read More →

“accurately forecast budgets”

Paul Kasamias, SMG – Paul Kasamias Read More →

“shrewdly deploying budgets”

Sir Michael Moritz, Sequoia Capital Read More →

“extraordinary precision”

Patrick Elverum, Century Interactive Read More →

“Elite SEM expects PLAs to become more robust, allowing for the more sophisticated marketers using Kenshoo to deliver even better performance for PLA campaigns. As always, keeping up with product development and the ever-changing technology environment is paramount.”

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The Kenshoo Guide to Google Product Listing Ads

“building the best technology”

Emilio Maciel, 55social Read More →

“saving precious time”

Thiemo Mallwitz, Annalect Group, Germany Read More →

“excellent features and world class support”

Bernard Sham, Accuen Read More →

“robust and flexible platform”

Laura Isenrich, Performics Read More →

“maximize the value”

Jorie Waterman, eBay Enterprise Read More →

“optimize my budget”

Howard Schnuer, Infogroup Read More →

“Having the ability to manage a large volume of campaigns without having performance problems in the platform does make the difference on your day-to-day life, particularly if you work at/for a big advertiser. This capability is just as relevant by itself, as it allows you to refine your targeting accuracy in a way which would be impossible if solely human-based.”

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The Kenshoo Guide to Evaluating Social Advertising Technology Platforms

“scale our investment”

Ryan Bonifacino, Alex and Ani Read More →

“powerful bidding algorithms”

Daniel Owen, Direct Agents Read More →

“gain scale and also quality”

Walter Motta Junior, RIOT Read More →

“power and automation”

Leonardo Simão, Bebe Store Read More →

“functionality fosters a holistic approach”

Matthieu Chéreau, Tigerlily Read More →

“centrally manages the growing volume of data”

Richard Volodarski, Linkeo Read More →

“Having the most accurate forecast in place gives us an idea of the opportunities ahead, as well as the campaign’s potential in terms of optimization and performance. Forecasts can then be utilized for budget and bid optimization.”

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The Kenshoo Guide to Budget Planning for Digital Marketers

“take our search agency to the next level”

Sarah Gyson, Rakuten Search Read More →

“an early Christmas gift”

Michael Kahn, Performics Read More →

“best balance paid and organic search”

Mark Grote, HP Read More →

“activate Facebook product ad campaigns”

Jeremy Post, modcloth Read More →

“helps us easily onboard”

Tamara Knight, VivaKi Read More →

“great results”

Blake Chandlee, Facebook Read More →

“Infinite Optimisation to me means optimising on the fly, being able to turn something around very quickly at the request of a client and being able to do that accurately.”

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Kenshoo Delivers Infinite Optimisation for UK Agencies

“trusted partners”

Sean Godier, Business Supply Read More →

“leading PPC bid management software”

Amy Bott, Clickthrough Marketing Read More →

“incredible results”

Phil Robinson, Clickthrough Marketing Read More →

“dedication and expertise”

Cary Johnson, Geary LSF Read More →

“outstanding campaign performance”

Alan Boughen, Havas Media Read More →

“simply the most effective”

Matt Browne, Digital Operative Read More →

“My favourite thing about Kenshoo is their ability to manage PLAs. As we work with a large number of retailers, it has become a really important part of how we manage campaigns for them and we’ve seen excellent results.”

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My Favourite Thing About Kenshoo

“execute flawlessly”

Alyssa Peterson, eBay Enterprise Read More →

“most effective local advertising platform”

Jason Finger, CityGrid Read More →

“improve efficiencies”

Amy Buelow, Gruen Read More →

“drive performance at scale”

Jamie Hill, adMarketplace Read More →

“right mix of campaign control”

Jason Goodman, Albion Cell Read More →

“importance of calls as a conversion channel”

Ziad Ismail, Marchex Read More →

“Kenshoo Editor is really convenient for making bulk changes across multiple channels and ensuring proper tracking.”

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Kenshoo Editor Brochure

“the world’s top social advertising innovators”

Blair Heavey, Moontoast Read More →

“the perfect solution”

Elizabeth Rossini, Sonus Read More →

“effectively manage and optimize search”

Allison Tesnar, Vivaki Read More →

“customers are consistently pleased”

Claudio Coelho, Skalebla Read More →

“further optimising our account”

Alice Gaffney, blinkBox Read More →

“make us smarter and faster”

Stefan Konopatzki, Rebate Networks Read More →

“Throughout a comprehensive multimarket evaluation of search management platforms Kenshoo’s expertise, technology, and service shined. Their suite provides an awesome combination of features for enterprise standardization with local customization that will insure that Havas Digital can continue to scale our search operations globally as well empower our search specialists to succeed locally.”

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Kenshoo Search Brochure

“efficiencies in workflow”

Marc Fleishhacker, eBay Enterprise Read More →

“integrated support across all our markets”

Ed Schofield, Electrocomponents plc Read More →

“most customizable management solution”

Janel Laravie, Chacka Marketing Read More →

“stellar customer service”

David Gusick, Boot Barn Read More →

“more quickly capitalize on opportunities”

Vural Cifci, Travelocity Read More →

“optimized for efficiency”

Dave Levy, WSI Digital Marketing Read More →

“Kenshoo’s advanced technology empowers our teams to capitalize on market opportunities and drive more revenue. Having a great suite allows our teams to focus on client goals, strategic initiatives and higher level optimizations to drive better business results.”

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Social Media Insights Report

“connect the dots”

Craig Atkinson, PHD Read More →

“service support is second to none”

Romain Roulleau, Accor Read More →

“a singularly unique product”

Rich Devine, Possible Read More →

“saving us an enormous amount of time”

Paul Wilkins, Tesco Read More →

“integrated software solutions”

LuRae Lumpkin, Covario Read More →

“professional looking reports”

Duncan Scarry, Haystak Digital Marketing Read More →

“My favorite thing about Kenshoo is the granularity and the control it gives me to manage all of the details of my paid search account.”

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My Favorite Thing About Kenshoo

“onboard new advertisers faster”

Chris Olson, PennySaverUSA Read More →

“expand our clients’ investment in social media”

Erica Barth, Resolution Media Read More →

“couldn’t be happier”

Gary Flynn, NetGiant Read More →

“innovative features”

Duncan Fisher, Latitude Read More →

“invest the time and the energy”

Carl Rosendorf, Textbooks Read More →

“removed much of the guesswork”

Sam Bloom, Camelot Communications Read More →

“Kenshoo equips our teams around the world with leading technology, tools, and local support to help deliver on our client’s search marketing goals. Their Universal Platform enables us to launch and optimize global campaigns across channels quickly and effectively.”

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Kenshoo Universal Platform Brochure

“fully lived up to its lofty expectations”

Brian Wulfe, Living Direct Read More →

“competitive advantages”

Sam Hu, Ctrip Read More →

“unrivaled in the industry”

Azam Zaka, eProspects Read More →

“speed to market”

Ryan Ward, Read More →

“scale our SEM efforts for local-focused clients”

Neil Mahoney, SIM Partners Read More →

“the most sophisticated technology platform”

Minna Rhee, Zeta Interactive Read More →

“Kenshoo Portfolio Optimizer automates our bid management and enables much more dynamic optimization than we could perform on our own. It immediately reduced our costs per click significantly, and with constant conversion rates, profits have been consistently higher. The new algorithm figured out where we could reduce bids, and it boosted profit 87 percent.”

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Kenshoo Portfolio Optimizer

“it can deliver”

Alan Osetek, Resolution Media Read More →

“generate tangible business results”

Scott Hagedorn, Annalect Read More →

“sophisticated tools”

Steve Baxter, Ovative Group Read More →

“a significant leap forward”

Jonas Oppedal, Meltwater Reach Read More →

“scale and efficiency”

Nicole O’Connell, Loyola University Read More →

“confidence that we’re working with the best”

Jordan Levy, Gaiam Read More →

“I Kenshoo because it’s a great way to optimize what we do across multiple engines and it just makes life easier.”

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Why I Kenshoo

“maximize ROI of both paid and owned social”

Jason Weaver, Shoutlet Read More →

“exactly what we need”

Maxime Baffert, Publicis Webformance Read More →

“a leader”

Russ Mann, Covario Read More →

“strong customer support”

Robert Murray, iProspect Read More →

“true business impact”

Gordon Magee, Doctors Foster and Smith Read More →

“most sophisticated solution on the market”

David Hutchinson, Buyagift Read More →

“a huge timesaver”

Dillon Smith, Golfsmith Read More →

“a true partner”

Shunsuke Konno, IREP Read More →

“the results speak for themselves”

Matt Grover, CareerBuilder Read More →

“ahead of the pack”

Florence Su, HP Read More →

“the best and brightest”

Robert Birge, Kayak Read More →