I’ve been working in SEM for the past 4 years, but really started in 2006 as an intern in a San Francisco startup. Since I was a kid I’ve loved advertising and having an impact on products (can’t live without a good brand), building structures and creating worlds (thank you LEGO), optimizing processes (record time on supermarket shopping) and learning new tools (always in line with early adopters of anything electronic and always eager to play with new software).

As my name suggests, I’m not from here. I’m from the relatively small but super busy city of Caracas, Venezuela. One day at age 18, searching for good education and career development I traded Caracas for the non-tropical, yet not cold, Southern California. After that, I ended up in San Francisco, studying Industrial Engineering in Berkeley and now fulfilling my online passion at Kenshoo as an Senior Account Manager for the Client Services team since 2012.

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