Infinite Optimization™

Digital Marketing is an Art and a Science.

Strike the right balance and create your ROI masterpiece.

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  • Goals Results
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  • Intent Interaction
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More than $200+ billion in annualized client sales revenue is directed through Kenshoo

Infinite Optimization
ADAPTIVE TECHNOLOGYanchored bycreativity and expertise

Kenshoo’s world-class products adapt to your business environment, illuminating the path-to-purchase through deep systems integration. Our flexible technology is bolstered by digital marketing experts who take a can-do approach to creative problem-solving. With unwavering commitment to quality, we deliver independent solutions focused solely on your success.

  • 100+ completed third-party integrations across marketing channels and systems
  • 2.8+ million custom ads created through integrated data feeds each week
  • 190+ countries with live campaigns supported by 24-hour client service
Infinite Optimization
PROVEN ALGORITHMS withtransparency and control

Kenshoo’s proprietary algorithms are constantly recalibrating to optimally invest your budget while keeping you in the driver’s seat with full visibility. Our research-driven methodology is carried out by a team of multi-disciplinary scientists and engineers, which represents more than half our company.

  • 7.5+ million publisher-agnostic online media bid changes per day
  • 63% compound annual growth in digital marketing patent and provisional filings
  • 1.2+ million reports with data and insights generated each year
Infinite Optimization
UNMATCHED SCALE throughintelligence and automation

Kenshoo powers the biggest and most sophisticated marketing campaigns across the globe by approaching challenges from the bottom-up and creating sustainable tech-driven solutions. Performing millions of strategic calculations every second, our platform automates workflow to increase program relevancy and drive maximum efficiency.

  • 1.2+ million active campaigns for local, national, and global businesses
  • 3+ billion keywords managed through the platform
  • 1+ trillion digital marketing ads served on an annualized basis

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