Maintain coverage and ensure your most effective messaging is in front of the right person on peak times during the festive season to drive the most engagement.

Automatically activate seasonal campaigns and ad copy by utilizing Scheduled Actions on search and Automated Actions on social to specify the date and time of launch, so you can rock around the Christmas tree.

Automate bid management to improve optimization, increase accuracy and speed-to-market, and maximize performance.

Leverage Kenshoo Portfolio Optimization across search and social to optimize toward an overall program goal to boost performance and avoid the lump of coal. Gain further flexibility by setting priority for specific groups of keywords within your search portfolio using Portfolio Plus.

Utilize high-impact, eye-catching ad types to draw in shoppers who are ready to purchase.

Make this season bright by implementing Shopping Campaigns to promote visual images of your products via Product Listing Ads (PLAs) to stimulate higher engagement when customers are searching. Repurpose assets from your top performing products in PLAs by automatically turning them into Facebook ads with Dynamic Product Ads (DPAs).

Adjust bids throughout the day to capture increased opportunity during periods of interest, whether from predictable market trends and brand promotions or unpredictable external events.

Utilize Kenshoo’s algorithmic approach to intraday bidding to automate bid adjustments using statistically-significant models based on historical data and market signals. For a more hands-on approach, create and schedule custom bid changes for specific times, even on the night before Christmas, based on past or anticipated future performance.

Create cross-publisher synergies by informing social campaigns with insights and data from search.

’Tis the season to automatically create and update Facebook Custom Audiences based on intent demonstrated through search engine activity with Kenshoo Intent-Driven Audiences (IDA). To activate targeted display efforts, utilize Kenshoo’s solution to reach new audiences and re-engage customers based on search intent.

Leverage new mobile publishers, such as Instagram, to maximize lifetime customer value and take advantage of highly immersive and engaging mobile users.

Utilize the Infinity Suite’s support for Instagram to reach targeted audiences through this new mobile platform. To drive increased engagement, use the “Shop Now” call-to-action within your ads to generate clicks and unwrap success.

Explore local search features so your consumers can find your physical stores nearby to make purchases. Capture and integrate this offline activity for a holistic view of your customer.

Spread holiday cheer by driving in-store purchases and take action to optimize using online-to-offline data via integrations with partners such as LiveRamp and Revtrax.

Analyze historical seasonal data to understand past performance and adjust current program to produce more optimal results. Don’t be afraid to increase bids and open up budgets to account for heavy competition on key dates.

Guide your sleigh with Kenshoo's Budget Pacing capability to account for the impact of your promotional schedule and offline media buys on campaign budgets and pacing.

Capitalize on mobile growth via native advertising through mobile ad placements and drive app downloads through app store ads.

Create and manage Yahoo Gemini ads within the Kenshoo Infinity Suite and automate bid adjustments for more precise optimization using our advanced bid policies. Get more jingle out of your apps by implementing ads on Google Play to drive installs and engagement.

Utilize product inventory data to fuel search campaign structure, ad groups, and keywords for maximum coverage across all products.

Get your workshop in order to automatically create search campaigns by connecting and synchronizing your actual inventory and other dynamic variables with your search marketing program through Kenshoo’s RealTime Campaigns.

Shift from managing ads to managing audiences by strategically segmenting your most relevant customers and optimizing towards each.

Just like snowflakes, create audiences with unique characteristics to target, analyze, and optimize towards within Kenshoo Social.

Continuously monitor performance throughout the season to ensure you are tracking the metrics that matter most to your business and are able to easily take action on insights.

Make your list and check it twice by utilizing Kenshoo’s customizable scheduled reports to get key performance metrics delivered to your inbox on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.